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Bounce Back from Stress - Bath Soaks 

100% active stress fighting nutrients in each soak, including MVPs like Magnesium, Zinc, Complex B vitamins Vitamins C & D, and more.

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Evidence Backed

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Did you know?


of adults experience stress daily, and 88% say the holidays are the most stressful time of year.


of us are deficient in the MVP stress fighter, Magnesium.


stress  can lead to premature aging when we do not adequately nourish our body back from what it depletes.

That's why our soaks tackle stress where it starts.

Us vs Them

We are the first EVER 100% active stress-fighting nutrient soak to combat stress where it starts.

Empty Epsom

Less than 1% vitamins and minerals

95%+ fillers

Placebo effect


100% active vitamins and minerals

0% filler, 8x more magnesiums

Evidence Backed

Clean ingredients 

Cruelty free

Whats inside the bundle?! 

12 soothing bath soaks + 1 Free Candle for the ultimate relaxation experience.

3x Insomnia Ending Anti-Stress Bath Soaks

3x Anxiety Destroying Anti-Stress Bath Soaks

3x Ache Erasing 

Anti-Stress Bath Soaks

3x Sad Smashing 

Anti-Stress Bath Soaks

whole mood bundle 

+ free kuma candle

240+ Reviews



Our skin is a hella giant sponge. Meet the first-ever bath treatments to help naturally refuel our bodies with stress-reducing nutrients to combat anxiety, insomnia, aches, and overhelm.

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How to use Flewd soaks..

Get the bath ready

Fill your tub with warm water and grab your favorite book.

Rip open your Flewd pouch

Hop on in and soak for at least 15 minutes.

Feel the effects immediately

That's it! Use 1x per week for best results!

Soaks make to fight insomnia, anxiety, sadness, and body aches.

What others have to say about Flewd...

See why some of Flewds biggest fans 

use & love their bath soaks

Don’t believe us?

Here’s what our customers think.



Nothing compares to every. single. soak from Flewd. The only thing I can actively compare to is the relaxation that comes from the first few sips of a very nice bourbon.



I noticed that my mood improved about 20 minutes into my soak all 3 times I used this. Also, my back and neck pain subsided and I was able to stretch more and pop my old joints after my bath!



Unmatched! I noticed relaxation & good sleep post bath but nothing more. I still have two more to try. Overall impressed, satisfied & most likely will buy more in the future.

Filiz S.


These salt packs not only work their magic better than plain epsom salt but I love the scent blends! They make my whole bathroom and bedroom smell amazing.



I suffer from back issues and  tight muscles and these help me out a lot. These have definitely been life-enhancing and my favorite addition to my self care routine.



There is a huge difference between this product and other products like Dr. Teal's. I will be giving these as Christmas Gifts to all my girlfriends.


Dissolve all of this bag into a full tub of warm water.  Hop on in and soak for 15 minutes or longer.  You might want to rinse quickly after with warm water and pat your skin dry.  If you want, you can also do a foot soak – just dissolve 2 cups in warm water and follow the same instructions.

We love a good bath, sometimes even twice in one day.  However, we recommend using every other day, but it is safe to use every day if you want. 

Absolutely, yes.  You can toss other products into your bath water – we’ve been known to toss in a few essential oils!  It’s also totally cool to layer lotions and oils on afterwards.

We’ve done everything we can to make this as gentle as possible, so for most people it will not irritate skin.  Since it’s made with natural ingredients, there is a very small chance of an unknown allergy that could cause some skin irritation.

Absolutely not – eeeewwwww.  We would never do this and ensure that even our individual ingredients have never been tested on animals.